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Common Procurement Card Findings


  • Tip exceeds 20% of meal cost.
  • Itemized list of food purchased not included with purchase.
  • Hosting transactions not identified with a hosting code.
  • Host Form not completed for hosting transactions.
  • Host account not used for a hosting transaction.
  • Non-host transactions identified as hosting.


  • Splitting of transactions to avoid the single transaction limit.
  • Card used by an individual other than the cardholder.
  • Missing receipts and/or non-original receipts kept in the records.
  • Cardholder used accounts for which written authorization was not obtained.
  • Statement of Account not printed.
  • Management oversight and approval not provided for transactions.
  • Card used to purchase prohibited item (the most common prohibited item is for recurring purchases such as storage space rental).
  • Sales tax applied to a purchase in a material amount.
  • Account not reconciled monthly (account information and descriptions not entered into PVS Net).
  • Incorrect object codes used.


  • Sales tax applied to a purchase in an immaterial amount.
  • Incorrect subobject codes used.
  • TD number not included in description of airfare purchase.
  • Initials not included in description of purchase.




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