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Not sure how effective your department’s internal controls are? Do you think your department is in need of an audit? If so, you should perform as many of the internal controls self-assessment checklists as possible. This will give you a good idea as to how your department is progressing towards the achievement of its goals while maintaining a satisfactory system of internal controls.


When taking the self-assessment questionnaires, a “no” response indicates the possibility that there is a weakness in your internal control process. If you believe that there is a weakness, or if you’re unsure, the Campus Audit Department is available to assist you by providing an objective analysis of the internal controls of your department, or by performing any of the audit services listed on our web page.


Our services are available to assist your department in the accomplishment of its goals, not to cause problems or interfere with your leadership.


To request the assistance of the Campus Audit Department, please provide the following information:

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